The Office Quiz hard Questions that you aren’t aware of!

The Office Quiz hard Questions that you aren’t aware of!

The Office is undoubtedly one of the funniest sitcoms produced by the American entertainment industry. Inspired by the original British drama, this sitcom is filled with hilarious scenes, joyous dialogues, along with some interesting facts that will leave you in awe. As this sitcom continues to attract a large of viewers from different countries all across the globe, this series will create an impact much greater than you would have ever thought of.

However, there are certain aspects of this sitcom that remain unknown to the audience. This is available to the viewers in the form of the office quiz hard, involving some of the most unknown facts about this sitcom. Hence, let’s take a look at each one of them.

What you weren’t aware of this sitcom?

The office sitcom has created a huge impact on audiences worldwide. In addition to that, it has generated revenues worth millions of dollars. However, some of the most astonishing facts about this sitcom that seems to speak about the distinguishing aspects are as follows:

  • Were you aware of the fact that this sitcom was filmed in California? Most of the filming locations that you see in this sitcom are from the beautiful city of California. The characters are seen enjoying their days in California. The filming locations are all designated tourist spots. You can get to witness these spots if you ever come to visit California!
  • Another interesting fact about this sitcom is the reality of the characters. As Steve Carell played the role of Michael Scott in the Sitcom, did you even know that his wife was also present on the set? She was a major character in the sitcom too. If you happen to remember the realtor from the sitcom, that’s the real wife of Steve. Both Carol and Michael played their roles quite well, attracting praises from the audience all over the globe.
  • The office is a really expensive show, with millions of dollars spent on the sets. Some argue that this sitcom is costly than the rest. This is due to the different setting requirements to match the mood of the characters.

Finally, this sitcom is influenced by a British drama. The American version is an updated one, where the characters are aligned to the American way of life. You will love this satirical drama even today!