Importance of Primer in Makeup

Importance of Primer in Makeup

Primers are responsible for smoothening your skin and giving you an even-toned skin look. Fo all those makeup lovers, it helps to make your skin look more polished and ready to go every time. All those who’re prepping their skin for a canvas shoot then for them applying primer is a necessity. It fills up the skin pores, blemishes, dark spots, and gives you smooth and soft skin. 

Make sure that you apply primer as a base and don’t forget to blend it evenly that gives you a perfect look. Before going out in the sun, remember that you can apply a layer of primer as it protects your skin. It acts as a blocking wall that helps the makeup to last longer on your face. After applying a primer, do apply BB cream or foundation cream and compact or fixing powder for perfectly glowing skin.

While applying a primer make sure that you apply it on a clean and dry face such that it doesn’t affect your skin and clog your pores. Before applying the primer do moisturize your skin with your regular moisturizer and wait for a few seconds that it seeps into your skin. On the areas of your nose, chin, and forehead you tend to get acne, pimple, and large pores so apply in small quantities. And massage or blend it in circular motions such that it mixes perfectly and penetrates into your skin. 

Primer in Makeup

You don’t need to worry about your kin type as there are primers available for all skin types and skin tones. There are illuminating, mattifying, color-correcting primers, long-wearing primers, hydrating primers, and pore-minimizing primers that serve different purposes. Also, there are different primers for your eye, lips, and lash. 

The eye primers hold your eye makeup in place and limit the eye shadow from crimping. It is also responsible for magnifying your vivid eye shadows. The lash primer contains nutrients that give your lashes a voluminous look and nourishes them. And the lip primer tries to create a smooth base such that you can apply your lipstick evenly. Also, the lip colors don’t gush out and it lasts longer. 

Primers serve us with many objectives so you need to choose the correct product according to your skin type. Thus, you can’t skip the step of applying primers in your daily skincare routine for a flawless look all day.