How to take care of Color-treated hair?

How to take care of Color-treated hair?

We all know how dying and color treating the hair has become a big fashion trend in recent times. But we all know that just color treating will not yield the best results and our hair may not look as sleek and gorgeous as we expect.  We need to give them the proper kind of care they deserve. 

To keep the color persistent and looking beautiful as you want them to be, follow these tips and you might be surprised by the results.

  • Don’t Rush. Wait before you shampoo!!

When you color your hair, the dye needs to get completely absorbed by the hair. The cuticle layer is opened while coloring the hair and that in turn lets the color to latch into the hair shaft. The pigment would give your hair an attractive look and boast the color you chose. To have that amazing color effect make sure you don’t shampoo your hair immediately.

It is advised to wait at least about 72 hours before shampooing your hair. Applying shampoo too soon after your color treatment will wash away the color before being completely absorbed and all your efforts would go down the drain. Hence, patience is your best friend here. The more you wait, the better color you get. 

  • Choose your Shampoo and Conditioner carefully.

Shampoos have sulfates in them. A particular type of sodium Laureth ether sulfate is used in the shampoos to give us the foaming and dense lather effect. A lot of shampoos and conditioners have this anionic detergent. But once you start coloring and dying your hair, avoid using such shampoos and conditioners.

These components will strip off the hair of its natural oil and moisture, which will also worsen the quality of color that stays in your hair. We, of course, wouldn’t want all the bucks and time we spent on color treating our hair is a big loss. So next time just choose the right products and have frizz-free gorgeous looking hair.

take care of Color treated hair
  • Schedule your trimming dates.

The dead-ends and split end on your hair would be a big problem and won’t let your hair have that striking color as you want.  They would fade faster and tarnish the look you so badly want to own. So make a regular schedule to the salon to keep the dead and split ends in check.

These are some of the major and most important things you must look out for. Apart from that also keep in mind a few other things like, always avoid trips to the chlorine swimming pools and buy essential oils and heat preventive sprays and color dry shampoo and conditioner post your dying and color treatment. Following these steps and giving a little extra care to your hair health would result in superb color persistence and you could rock the lock you so badly wanted to flaunt.