Are nail extensions good for nails?

Are nail extensions good for nails?

Nail extensions make your nails look classy and beautiful. It also hides all the imperfections of your natural nails. But it also damages the natural nails underneath the extensions if they’re not removed properly. Acrylic nails are the new artificial intensifications that make your nails more beautiful. To apply this extension you have to be an expert such that your nails look equivalent to the natural ones.

How long do these nail extensions last?

Firstly, applying for these nail extensions correctly is also important. The gel extensions if applied properly would last for 2 to 4 weeks. If you wish to maintain the strength and health of your nails then don’t forget to remove them properly.

Both gel and acrylic extensions are responsible for leaving you with long, strong, and healthy-looking nails. 

Are nail extensions good

Here, are a few things that you need to keep in mind while applying for nail extensions:

  • Shape: Maintaining the shape of your nails is quite important as it makes your nails look classier. So, try stiletto nails as they are easy to come off and apply when compared to the round or square one. For a perfect retro look try the almond shape.
  • Proper Maintenance: Make sure that you get regular refills for your nail extensions such that it is easy and painless to lift and remove your nail extensions.
  • Avoid removing it: All the new ones should remember that you don’t have to remove your nail extensions and apply a new one. As it would weaken your nail and damage them completely. Also, avoid pulling or ripping them off as it might be really painful. And with the nail extensions, a layer of your natural nail also gets pulled off and leaves you with thinner nails than before.
  • Protect them: If you’re going to a pool party then try wearing gloves to protect your nail extensions and they won’t get dry. Thus, it won’t allow your nails to come off easily. 
  • Polishing: If go hard on your nails then try the gel extensions in place of the regular nail polish. The gel extensions would make your nails shiny and beautiful for longer than the regular nail paint. 

Don’t forget to visit a salon for proper manicure and styling sessions such that you’re not disappointed with your nails. And get ready to flaunt nail extensions wherever you go!